if you, too, are going… | John Abram

if you, too, are going… was written in 2001 for Colleen Athparia. Funding was generously provided by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.
This piece is based on a recording of Si Tu Tambien Te Vas sung by Dora María with Pepe Villa's Mariachi Mexico, an amiable C major march-like melody. My copy of the record is old and scratched. Both the piano part and the pre-recorded electronic part are based on this recording, and although there is ultimately no resemblance between Si Tu Tambien Te Vas and if you, too, are going… I felt it was important to have some connection with Mexico, a place I would one day like to visit.

First performed by Colleen Athparia at the Canada-Mexico Music Festival in Calgary on November 16th 2001

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